A Naked Gathering

A NAKED GATHERING In the beginning of NAKED The Retreat we had a vision of community. NAKED was never just a retreat, it was always meant to bring people together long after their 7 day experience. For 4 years we kept an active WhatsApp group, a Facebook group and organised monthly Zoom hangouts (online meetups)

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Shut Up and Shake!

SHUT UP AND SHAKE! The guy in front of you cut you off in traffic? Your neighbourhood got swept away by a hurricane? Your brand new iPhone just dropped into the sea? SHUT UP AND SHAKE! Any emotion that rises inside of us wants expression. And expression means movement! That is true for the whole

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Naked is Pure Fun!

NAKED IS… PURE FUN!” NAKED for me is so much more than taking clothes off, but sometimes it is also exactly that! Stripping off and diving in with just skin between me and the water is where I get to feel innocent and free. I’ve always been amused by the idea that we actually dress ourselves for

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Baring the Soul

With lots of joy, we are sharing an article by our friend Paul Rouse from the Naturist Travel on NAKED the Retreat. For some people, being naked is simply about taking your clothes off: at home, on holiday, or as part of a social activity. For Simon Paul Sutton and Dara Stara, the organisers of the Naked

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