Why am I here?

Because you feel this homesick feeling inside of you, yearning for something that you cannot quite put into words. Because you know that magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Because the teacher always appears when the student is ready. Because you are ready!

I don’t feel comfortable being nude but I am very intrigued by the retreat.
Will I have to get naked?

Physical nudity is not a requirement on Naked. We have no rules around taking clothes off although we use the invitation to be nude as a way to test your limits and boundaries. For us taking clothes off is the easy part, being really and utterly naked in your soul with feelings and thoughts tends to be much more difficult. We honour everybody in their own expression. If coming to the retreat and leaving your clothes on for the entire time is your level of nakedness, we deeply respect that choice.

Are only couples welcome?

Couples and singles alike are very welcome. We enjoy the energy that couples bring and encourage lovers to take this dive in order to grow spiritually together rather than apart. Naked. is a deep transformative experience that will affect you on many levels whether you are in a relationship or come alone.

Are flights included in the initial contribution?

No, flights are not included. The initial contribution covers food, accommodation and our personal chefs.

Is there an age limitation for attendance?

Everybody is welcome on the retreat. From 18 upwards we invite all ages to take part in this magical journey. It has always proven to be magnificent to be in the presence of multiple generations helping, sharing and transforming together.

How many people sleep in shared bedrooms? Is it only female or mixed?

The distribution depends on the location where the retreat is held. Most of the time you will be sharing a room with one other person of the same gender. The rooms are always spacious and provide enough comfort for the journey.

When is the deadline for applying for a retreat?

Applications close when the retreat is filled up which can be multiple months ahead of the retreat. However sometimes we have last minute drop outs and being on the waiting list can get you to participate more spontaneously.

I have no money, can I still come?

The initial contribution is important for us to cover the bare essential costs of the retreat, since there is no profit made for us from this payment. However we have given an opportunity on almost all retreats for someone to come without that initial payment. This depends greatly on your willingness and readiness. Please apply through the website and remark why you think it should be given to you.

How did the idea for NAKED THE RETREAT come into existence?

Dara and Simon co-created Naked. together in a hot summer of 2014 and have been stripping people bare since then. It was an idea that birthed very quickly and within two months they had a photo-shoot in the bag, the website up and running and 14 people signed up for the first courageous dive in Gozo/ Malta. Simon’s background as a transformational facilitator, body worker and workshop holder for over 10 years met Dara’s ambition to hold spaces for women’s healing, body positivity and her passion as a yoga teacher. But more than any degree or education, it was their genuine desire to share their way of living and the great possibilities of inner freedom that inspired them to create a space for radical transformation. NAKED has been an incubator of change and continues to grow a community of like minded NAKEDeers all over the world.

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