Cookies and Data


This site uses cookies – These are small text files on your device that help websites provide a better experience. Generally, cookies are used to store user information, such as Logged in status, shopping cart in the online shop, settings and anonymous tracking data for external services such as Google Analytics or Facebook. Cookies enable a better and easier online experience.

We also need cookies for our own purposes. They enable us to find out which contents of our online offer are in demand, where our visitors come from and how we can improve our offer. We also use them together with access information to make the website more secure.

Nevertheless, you may wish to deactivate cookies on this and other websites. The easiest way to do this is directly in your browser. To do this, go to the “Help” menu or visit Wikihow for instructions on all current browsers.

Your data with us

When you visit this website, the access with your IP is logged by the server – This is normal and fully automatic. Under certain circumstances you may also deliberately transmit personal data to us, which we then process and store: For example via login, contact form, registration for the newsletter or events. The protection of your privacy and your rights is very important to us – You will find all information under data protection.


Your data with external services

When you visit and use this website, other services from external providers are also used to provide important functions. For example Google Maps, the Facebook Like-Button or Newsletter as well as Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel, which help us to better target our offers and advertising material to specific target groups. This means that access information and your entries are partially passed on automatically. However, before personal information is passed on, we will inform you again separately. You can find more details on this in the data protection.

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