We could list our certificates, qualifications and degrees here. But… we’d rather not. And quite frankly, who reads those Bio’s, fattened up with white lies anyway? How about we tell you how It all began, how we fell in love head over heals and then created this totally outrageous and magical retreat, which more than 150 people have passed through by now? Feeling it? Then click here.

And if you just want to get to know us then read on. We believe that we are what we love, not what loves us. So we want to share the things we love. And if you love them too, we invite you to come and play with us.


Simon. Warm feet. Yoga. The wisdom of Winnie the Pooh (‘how do you spell love? you can’t spell it, you feel it!’) Goose bumps and tingles. Writing music and poems. Massage. Dance-cooking (move your bum to the beat of the pot drum). Hunting melodies and singing in reverberating rooms. My daughter Maya and being a mom. Laughing fits. Green. Releasing anger. Making love. Running naked through a warm summer rain. Soul searching. Skinny dipping. Uncovering truth. Underwater dancing.

Dara is a Yoga instructor, workshop facilitator, studied musician, tao-tantric-arts practitioner, massage fanatic, body worker and soul searcher. She holds spaces for the courageous, has a passion for anger release and all things body. She sings and plays the piano, guitar and various other instruments, she writes her own music and is mother to her awesome daughter Maya.


Dara. Truth. Breathing and absorbing life in every way. Trees. The hang drum (takes me to places I’ve never been). Humanity. Flying birds. Baby’s laughter. Dancing to the rhythms of his heartbeat. Nature. Laughing. Butterflies. Mountain tops. Yellow. His parents (for allowing lives magic to birth another miracle). Making love. The sound of the Indian accent. Looking into the eyes of another. Transparent conversations. Yoga. Sun rises. The way snow falls on the branches of trees. Rain. Blueberry muffins. Sun sets. This very moment. My body (internal & external). Rainbows. Love itself. Too many things to mention here. You.

Simon is a natural supporter and has a unique way of seeing beyond the filters of fear and empowering others to realise their unique magnificence. A trained actor, personal trainer, & sexological bodyworker. With a whole heap of laughter he impressively weaves direct life experience into all he shares. His message is simple: you are already it and the race is over, but before that sinks, some BS (belief systems) have to be stripped away. Come and play.


Finding the essence. Indian flavours. Being clueless. Never giving up. The gift of giving. Divine Femininity. Openness. Minimalism. Transparency. Orange, Green and Purple. Transgression. Infiniteness. Discipline. Reliableness. Trust. Dichotomies. Apparent contradictions. Trinities. Number 3. Subtleties. Poetry. Music. Stillness. Photography. Unrestraint. Anything coconut. The skin of women, and how it feels, smells and tastes. Vulnerability. Surrender. Nakedness. Exploring the world. Meeting you. Hearing your truth. Falling in love with you…

Erick has the gift to capture the essence of truthful moments with his poetic and sensitive photographic skills. he is the glue of the Naked community, having visited and connected with 95 of our 145 nakedeers. He enriches the team with his cooking skills, ability to structure and manage logistics and his loving presence.


Jack loves: Using food as a bridge. Spontaneity. Playing with Food. Exploring new cuisines. Fusion Food. Rustic. Being creative. Informal. Quality over quantity. Novelty. Going to the source. Letting the food do the talking. Silence. Being on time. Attention to detail. Simplicity. Asian Food. Communal Tables. Meeting Strangers.

Corinna loves: family. transparency, challenges and cooking. to tasting and touching food. Trying new food and discovering new flavours. Bringing people together. Creating a space of self acknowledgement around the table. Supporting people to heal their relationship with food. Paying attention to the things we don’t want to look at. Uncovering the beauty. Speaking my truth and feeling my heartbeat when I do so. Cuddles with my lover. Painting with my blood. Listening to my body. The intelligence of my gut. Being an example. Early mornings in summer and late sleep in winter. my laughter. Singing around the table. Celebrating food. Eating slowly. Being grateful.

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