The days are packed, starting with the morning routines, intense days of learning and growing, all the way up until our famous evening treats. This is a reboot into your greatness, a dance with darkness, anger and dirt. But in all the sincere work, laughter is our anchor to see the comedy and purity of being alive.

This retreat is alcohol, drug, stimulant, sugar, gluten, meat and dairy free. We are also putting you on a technology fast – no phones, wifi or computers for the duration of the retreat.

Please note that this retreat is not primarily about being without clothes. This is an inquiry into NAKEDness and what it means on all levels, not just the physical. If you are already very comfortable with being nude, awesome! If not, awesome too! You are not expected to be nude, if it doesn’t feel right for you. We want to bring the metaphorical NAKEDness into all aspects of your life, into your feelings, thoughts, words and actions. We will meet you, where YOU are.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”



We use breath, movement & sound to access the suppressed feelings inside of our cells.
Breath practices allow us to consciously elevate to natural highs. Movement frees locked in emotions from our cells and gets us to breathe deeper. Breathing leads to feeling. And what we feel we heal.

  • Yoga 
  • Intentional Breathing
  • Emotional Release Techniques
    (Bioenergetics, Bodywork)
  • Self-pleasure rituals 
  • Ecstatic Dance


Meditation is much more than just sitting in cross-legged position. We use different awareness practices to find the stillness behind the noise. The only way out is in. Diving deeper into ourselves and becoming aware of our infinite nature beyond the illusions.

  • Silent sits
  • Nature walks
  • Guided meditations
  • Active meditations (Osho)
  • Invitations into more embodied living and relating
  • Orgasmic Manifesting


Through conscious touch, presence and consent we open an adult playground that allows us to deeply connect to self, others, nature and the greater world around us. 

  • Exploration of touch
  • Bodywork
  • Body intimacy
  • Self-pleasure 
  • The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin
  • Temple arts


The cleaner our minds, hearts and bodies are of suppression and denial, the closer we move towards communication practices that will transform the way we speak to others. In order to change the way we relate to one another, we have to look at the way we communicate. We share new & ancient practices that enable us to speak authentically from the heart.

  • Transparent Communication
  • Daily Circle Work
  • Sharing Practices: Tribal Sharing, Intentional Dialogue
  • Aspects of Non-Violent Communication
  • The 4 Agreements
  • Way of Council


Food is a very important part of NAKED. The menu features abundant delicious vegan food, prepared intentionally and with the utmost passion and love. Corinna and Jack from Sacred Food educate us to a healthy relationship with food, and so with ourselves. We are what we eat, and we eat how we feel. So ultimately being aware around the table can be itself a portal to self awareness. This food experience supports our journey together in a delicious, abundant and mindful way.

  • Abundant vegan meals
  • Mindful eating exercises
  • Gluten / Meat / Dairy / Stimulant Free
  • Fasting day
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