The program consists of daily practices such as Yoga/qigong, dance or shaking and writing exercises to get you into the habit of expanding your mind and body. An immersion into you, the days are packed, starting with the morning routines, full on days of learning and growing, up until our famous evening treats. This is a reboot into your greatness, a dance with darkness, anger and dirt. But in all the seriousness, laughter is our anchor to see the comedy and purity of being alive.

Please note that this retreat is not primarily about being without clothes. This is an inquiry into nakedness and what it means on all levels, not just the physical. If you are already very comfortable with being nude, awesome! If not, awesome too! You are not expected to be nude, if it doesn’t feel right for you. We want to bring the metaphorical nakedness into all aspects of your life, into your thoughts, words and actions and we will meet you, where YOU are.

MOVEMENT & BREATH We use movement to access the suppressed stored feelings inside of our cells and breath practices to learn how to consciously elevate to natural highs. Movement frees locked in emotions from our cells and gets us to breath deeper. Breathing leads to feeling. And what we feel we heal…

  1. Daily Yoga Practice
  2. Emotional release techniques (Bioenergetics, Body work etc)
  3. Ecstatic dance
  4. Conscious breathing
MEDITATION Meditation is much more than just sitting in crossed legged position. We use many different ways to strengthen the awareness muscles and find the stillness behind the noise. The only way out is in. We use a number of different practices to dive deeper into ourselves and become aware of our infinite nature beyond the illusions.

  1. Silent sits
  2. Nature walks
  3. Guided meditations
  4. Active meditations (Osho)
  5. Overview of the newest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics (learn how to draw a bolder, much more thriving life towards you)

COMMUNICATION The cleaner our minds, hearts and bodies are of suppression and denial, the closer we move towards communication practices that will transform the way we speak to others. In order to change the way we relate to one another, we have to look at the way we communicate. We share new/ancient practices that enable us to speak authentically from the heart.

  1. Daily circle work
  2. Transparent communication (the language of love)
  3. Sharing practice

FOOD Food is an important part of NAKED. The menu feature abundant delicious vegan food. Corinna Trione – our epic chef – educates on a healthy life style and the joy of conscious eating. We are what we eat and we eat how we feel. Food plays an important role on NAKED and supports our journey together in a delicious, abundant and mindful way.

  1. Abundant vegan meals
  2. Mindful eating exercises
  3. Gluten / Meat / Dairy / Stimulant Free

SURPRISE Inviting our spontaneous nature in the play times where we connect, immerse and feel.. But let’s leave some space for the UNEXPECTED.


The first day will be all about connecting to the group and the space, opening the circle for the week ahead. An opportunity for you to arrive. There will be a little introduction into nutrition and its meaning for your body. Over a good plate of food we will laugh, relax and tune into where we will head together as individuals and collectively.

Day 2 – EMOTIONAL RELEASE – unwrap your feelings

The second day is all about the body and how to get you out of your head. Physical excercises and active meditations take us to the locked up feelings we all hold in our bodies. In a head based culture like ours, it is important to release the emotional ‘garbage’ in form of physical tension, which clogs our systems day in, day out. Learn about some of the principles of bio-energetics and understand why any kind of self development has to go hand in hand with body work and physical release. Shake it off and move yourself to freedom.

Day 3 – TRANSPARENT COMMUNICATION – Get naked in your words

The third day opens with the daily practices and then moves into how we can become naked within our communication – meaning trusting ourselves to communicate what we’re truly thinking and feeling. Together we look at personal stories, painbodies and the conditionings that hold us back from expressing our truth.

Day 4 – SELF LOVE – unclothe your true essence

Many have heard the saying you can’t love another until you love yourself but unfortunately most people are still seeking love in all the wrong places. So where is that deep ocean of love within us and how can we access it right now in the knowing that we are enough, worth loving and beYOUtiful. This day will help you embrace your rawness and vulnerability. Are you ready to honour your body as your temple?

Day 5 – AUTHENTIC RELATING – uncover your relationships 

Day five is about moving from owner- to relationship. Learn how to use your eyes and ears for what they were actually created for. Truly seeing and listening. Relate to others as deeply as you relate to yourself. What does it mean to see every person you meet as a noble guest and a mirror to your wholeness?

Day 6 – TAKING YOU TO STILLNESS – strip away the noise

In your courageous inner dive, we move to silence and simply observe what is arising. In being outside and embraced by the elements of nature we allow life to breath us and let the world experience itself through our senses. In the calm space of being, your new nakedness will be allowed to sink into your centre.


The last day closes with a sacred celebration of You. We keep this one as a little surprise 🙂




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