NAKED has no set price tag. In the spirit of NAKED we also explore a radical way of exchange. In our mainstream culture we know the price tag of most things and the value of very little. Having lived in the Gift culture for over a decade we continue to leave the evaluation and value of what you will receive up to your generous heart after the 10 days. After all, how are we to know what you will experience? We cannot put a price on love, any number would simply be too low. However we do have to cover the costs to make this possible. 

For NAKED we ask for a non-refundable deposit that ranges in price depending on the venue we find. It covers the necessary expenses to make the retreat happen: accommodation on site, materials, Simon and the team’s expenses, and abundant vegan food for the 10 days. It does not include the facilitation of the NAKED process that Simon and his team offer. The non-refundable deposit signifies your commitment to the process and makes sure that the available spaces are filled with those willing to fully commit and engage.  

You choose your final “gift forward” at the end of the 10-day experience, which reflects the value you have received and what you want to gift to support Simon and the team plus fuel the greater mission of landing a sacred sanctuary while continuing to create brave containers of NAKED exploration. 

If the cost-share deposit creates a paywall for you and you really feel this is for you, please contact us directly. So far on almost every retreat we have offered one or two NAKED schoLOVEships to people who were financially challenged. We do that because we trust in the ever flowing abundance of the giving chain. The more that we give, the more we have to give.

Love finds a way. Everything else finds an excuse.

Suggested ways
of exchanging gifts to get NAKED with us:

  • A once-off cash payment at the end of the retreat – crypto accepted
  • Monthly / quarterly payments
  • Become a monthly or yearly PATREON
  • Other non-monetary exchanges that live in your resources, gifts, skills and talents – exchange of venues, services, photography, video production, contacts, personal assistant etc.
  • Organise a retreat in your country and our team will show up and facilitate
  • Do you have a retreat centre you want us to host a NAKED at? 
  • You may be in a position to gift one million euros, which would enable us to create our “NAKED Sanctuary” to gift these and other liberating experiences and create a haven where beings can come and awaken
  • Your own unique offering that we haven’t thought about and can help our cause
  • A mix of all or any of these

Have a look at this article, where we explain the Gift in greater detail.
Or read and watch the testimonials. And then take the plunge…

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