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What Naked is for me?

I got the priceless opportunity of reconnecting with my deepest dreams, my inner child, the most profound core of my reason to be alive.

My first Naked, in 2016 in Portugal, lead me to cross path with that one person I was meant to meet in this lifetime in order to really remove and grow beyond all the masks and personas I had built around myself.

The retreat itself represented the foundations building for all of this to happen. Can only picture it as the transcendence from a reality of fear, self-judgement and scarcity to one of trust, integrity and abundance.

However, I got so much into the reality I’ve co-created with Sara, my extraordinary ex wife, that I detached and disappeared from the Naked Community. It was only when my relationship came to an end that I got back in touch with Simon, sharing my state of depression and frustration with him. And, as many often heard me saying, he raked me up and gave me time and space to put the broken pieces back together. Together with Dara, they’ve decided to gift me a place in the upcoming Naked The Retreat 13th in Tuscany (together with the 21days Orgasmic Yoga course and introducing me to Charles Eisenstein’s extremely powerful courses – all of which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone reading and anyone I meet on my path every day, from family to strangers).

My second Naked was a very profound and extremely enriching experience, which put me face to face with the greatest struggles and contradictions of my life: earth care and self abuse/sabotage, love and lust, care and greed, mind-heart-lingam disfunction, realignment and integration, heterosexuality and homosexuality, self-judgement and self-appreciation, to name a few.

Sincerely and most truthfully thank you for all this, and for all that I haven’t been able to share in such a short feedback. From the deepest and part of me, I love you.

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