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What Naked is for me?

The opportunity for my first NAKED the retreat found me just in the right time. Today I am sometimes joking that the odds of me being introduced to Naked were basically zero, given the crazy and non-linear way of how I heard about this event in the first place. When I did hear about it, I immediately felt that this opportunity was the perfect mix of stretching my comfort zone and coming closer to my truth. It was exactly what was supporting my highest evolution at that moment. So I decided to sign up and was invited to come.

The retreat in Portugal in 2016 was a life-changing experience for me. Never before have I met so many courageous and beautiful souls who were willing to look at themselves and seek truth on all levels for a full week, together. So many beautiful moments, great laughs, deep shares, transformative activities and encounters. Most of all I just felt so grateful and excited to be in a group where I could be wholeheartedly me, and feel save about it. Like, actually me. The real me. Not the me I was showing to the world for the last decades, but the true me that was sleeping deep inside for so long.

From there on, great friendships – that sometimes feel more like family – were formed and even deepened over the years. This community is so full of amazing beings and I am beyond grateful and humbled by the possibility of being a part of it. I did attend the first Naked Gathering in 2018, where I got to meet up with many different members of the Naked family, and over the years did get to know many of the people in the group, from all over the world. I am so thankful for the existence of this soul tribe and it is incredible to see us grow, transform, in light and dark, show ourselves to each other fully, soul-naked, and dance this thing called life together. Blessed we are!

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