Community Stories: Elated Erick

For me Naked is first and foremost the commUnity. Before all the practices, honoring our vulnerability, the amazing retreat experiences; all these wonderful things pale in comparison to the feeling of community Dara and Simon have cultivated around, and invited us all to be part of. In this family I feel fully supported to take charge of my own life and joy, and able to meet all my spiritual needs. Thru Naked I’m able to see clearly when I step away from all the Abundance around me, and then I immediately have the opportunity to plug back in, thru the community, and the abundance of connections. I feel so grateful I have been able to meet in person 2/3 of those who have come to Naked; either during the 4 epic retreats I have participated, or simply meeting them around the world, once again or for the first time. With them I feel so abundant and fulfilled. Finally people who are willing to always speak the language of the heart, taking ownership of all their feelings, while sharing all that is alive in them… “just like me!” Each new encounter always feels as if I’ve always known them. My soul family members. How lucky am I? I’m coming for the other 1/3… “in an hour!

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