NAKED 2021

Due to Corona Virus we do not have any scheduled events.

We will be back doing events with you as soon as the world allows.

We are doing online events within our online community The Be Love Tribe – Come check it out.


The 10 days are fully packed with transformative practices, liberating movement, communication exercises and exploration of touch and connection. Be prepared to deeply immerse yourself, be challenged and liberated in a safe space. Read more about the program of the retreat HERE.


Initial Contribution: 987 euro

This minimal amount covers the expenses to make the retreat happen, accommodation in shared rooms (2 people) and abundant vegan menu catered by 'Sacred Food' for the 10 days.

It signifies your commitment to the process and makes sure that the available spaces are filled with those willing to fully engage.

The Tuition

The facilitation and tuition of NAKED The Retreat from Dara and Simon is NOT INCLUDED in the initial contribution.

You will be invited to gift from a place of heartfelt trust at the end of your experience.

Cancellation policy: 100% refundable until 8 weeks prior to retreat / 50% refundable until 6 weeks prior / non-refundable after.


There is no set price tag for the tuition of NAKED.
We are not the ones to determine that. Rather, you as a participant will decide for yourself what tuition amount feels right, clear and fair, reflecting your financial condition as well as your feeling of value and gratitude. Our team and we are applying a basic principle of The Gift — one does not specify what the return gift shall be.

You may choose to pay what a retreat of this level of quality costs, or you may choose more, less, or even zero. We cannot really put a number value on it. That is not because we don’t think it is valuable. It is because we don’t know what the value will be, especially given the wide diversity of financial means out there.

Therefore, we offer the tuition of our retreat as a gift, trusting the generosity of participants to support us in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one. The team and we trust your judgement about what represents a commitment on your part and respects your financial situation.

For more insights on this topic, please read THE GIFT.

Do you feel the call?



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