It was our dream to create a conscious commUNITY and it still is one of the core elements of NAKED. We love co-creating opportunities for all to practice presence, radical intimacy, transparency, authenticity, and self love. The deep validation that occurs when we fully connect with an open heart to a circle of similarly committed brothers and sisters is simply profound. Nothing has topped this experience yet. Real loving connections.

We now have 150+ courageous souls in this commUNITY who connect on and offline. 


Every two years the NAKED family co-creates a gathering for those of the tribe who feel like reuniting.
Here we deepen the practices, friendships and connections. Inviting the infinite potential of co-creation. 

Gathering 2018, Greece


Our hearts are touched when NAKEDeers reunite after the retreat. And not just with the souls who were on the same retreat but with other NAKEDeers who have been on different retreats. This is not just an idea or concept. We are a real commUNITY and the support and relationships forming are truly beautiful to witness.

When a group of like minded courageous beings come together, there is no telling what will be birthed. We are just enjoying the alchemy unfolding. And whats presenting itself is our contribution to the more beautiful world our hearts know is here right NOW.

Here are a few images of fellow NAKEDeers reuniting after retreat.

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