Naked is Pure Fun!


NAKED for me is so much more than taking clothes off, but sometimes it is also exactly that!

Stripping off and diving in with just skin between me and the water is where I get to feel innocent and free.

I’ve always been amused by the idea that we actually dress ourselves for going into water. Obviously I’ve been raised by very open minded parents who, god bless them, took me to clothing optional beaches all the time.

The east German culture is very tolerant towards naturism, a movement which declares that it is only natural to run around in your birthday suit in nature. So nudity is just part of my normal.

But most people are shocked by nudity, which, for me is a mirror of how much we are offended by our own nature.

How can a Vagina and a Penis actually offend anyone when they are the very instruments that create life?

It’s like cursing God, because he/she does not look like a white bearded man in the sky. I am not sure most people really ponder this deeply, but at some point, we came out of a NAKED Vagina and on top of that we were actually NAKED. Why is this first a miracle and then later becomes pervert? Because of the entanglement of nudity with suppressed sexuality.

Unless you are engaging in energetic love making, you need some form of nudity to have sex. But we do not need to have sex in order to be nude. We just need courage, a safe space and the willingness to drop it all.

NAKED The Retreat untangles many beliefs and misconceptions and the innocence of our kinds and queens, loosing their fear of really being seen, real, raw and vulnerable, is deeply rewarding.

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