What courageous conversations are you not having?

What courageous conversations are you not having?

Climbing the mountain of truth can be exhausting at times, but whenever we persist against the inner resistance, it pays off beautifully at the end. In todays NAKED DIARY we asked ourselves: ‘What courageous conversations are we not having?’. You might ask what is the difference between a courageous and a normal conversation? Well, we believe ultimately there should not be any difference, but most of us are used to a dialogue that reveals very little about themselves. The courageous conversation goes where we usually don’t dare to look. It asks us to talk about feelings, the discomfort or the anger we might be storing inside of us. It’s the thing you wanted to tell your dad for a long while, but never did, the attraction you’ve been feeling for a friend or the overwhelm you submerse in when thinking about future.

The courageous conversation transforms your fear into your friend.

Because only when we have our dirty wash out on the line, when we expose our hidden fears to the brightest day of light, we will get a chance to dissolve it. And from that we will get a chance to EVOLVE, Expand and GROW! If that is not a reason, then I don’t know what will be…

Again, let’s remember that the mountain of truth is an inward journey. It is not about throwing your internal collected garbage at somebody. It is not your opinion about somebody else, it is how you feel about a certain behaviour and then asking yourself “WHY?” Why am I feeling so anxious, triggered, angry about this? In fact speaking truth means speaking it to yourself first. Most of it can get resolved there. If some residue is left, then the courageous conversation is your next step. Enjoy digging deeper!

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