Shut Up and Shake!


The guy in front of you cut you off in traffic? Your neighbourhood got swept away by a hurricane? Your brand new iPhone just dropped into the sea? SHUT UP AND SHAKE!

Any emotion that rises inside of us wants expression. And expression means movement! That is true for the whole spectrum of feelings from love to anger, trust to fear or pain and pleasure. They are energy in motion (hence e-motion) and want to move through us. Unfortunately we have been tragically educated in suppressing the feelings that we class as bad or painful. However this is an error and a heartbreaking misidentification. There are no good or bad emotions. They are either expressed or suppressed.

In reality it is not the feeling that makes us feel bad – it is the repression, the resistance to the feeling itself that makes it feel toxic and unbearable.

So when life is tough and rough, when nothing seems to go the right way, we tend to run away from feeling. We tell ourselves that we are fine and all is well. Pressing the rising energy back down into the dungeons of our bellies, where those feelings circle aimlessly like lost ships at sea.

Most people have only mere coping mechanisms to deal with the downs of life. Simon and I have found many different personal practices to be the answer of transforming dense energies to higher states of consciousness. Yoga, meditation, breath practices – just to mention a few. One of our favourite ones is: SHUT UP AND SHAKE! It is a practice designed to release hot, fiery energy, like anger, but can be used to shake off any residual feelings lurking inside of our cells.

But why? Once you move the feelings that want to move through you, the solution for your aperant problem can emerge. As long as we hold any form of energy captive in our body, it’s like the pipe of infinite new possibilities is blocked.

As Einstein said: “A problem can not be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Through personal practices we lift our levels of consciousness and make space for the new and unexpected. Watch this video and see how this specific shaking practice is done:

And if you want to know how sweaty and blissed out you look after a 45 minute sublime SHAKE on the beach (it’s not a cocktail) look no further and press play:

And here is the link to the music that we used to dance and shake to… It’s pretty fabulous and uplifting and worth having on your phone so you can drop a move whenever you feel it.

Or you can become our Patreon here and we will send the music to you as a thank you!

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