Ater Tumti

20 - 27 September 2023

Via Nicodemo Grotto 27 95017 Piedimonte Etneo CT Sicily, Italy

Nearest airport: Catania

NAKEDeers gathering is a week-long immersion for those who have already attended NAKED The Retreat.

The intention is to come together in community, to build on what we share and experience during the retreats and to create deeper relational bonds, to nurture friendships and to support the awakening process.

You could also see this week as a pop-up community, where we co-create the space and decide what wants to be offered. NAKEDeers get to share their gifts, skills and talents and we get to simply celebrate the naked lifestyle.

With the crumbling of institutions, the desire for community rises significantly in meaning, and these spaces provide a supportive web of consciousness to learn, grow and co-create.

We love this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh which pretty much sums up the essence of our intention to continue meeting in the field of community:

“The next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community; a community practicing loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of humanity.”

The next Gathering is 20th – 27th September 2023 and runs after NAKED The Retreat at the same venue. You are welcome to book for both or if you have already attended a retreat, just come for the gathering.

NAKEDeers are also welcomed to invite their partners if they choose, regardless of whether they have attended a retreat. We allow this for inclusivity, for the partners to feel welcomed into the community field.

To view impressions from previous gatherings, visit our Community Page.


This next gathering takes place in the luxurious retreat space of fellow NAKEDeer Filip and his partner Trent.

We keep the costs to bare essentials and should we need more money during the gathering, we shall all chip in. There is no fixed chef for the gathering, we self-organise this too.

€11 per day contribution = €77 total

€45 per day for a bed in shared room = €315 total
€25 per day to bring your own tent or camper van = €175 total

Sheets are an extra €10 if needed

Please decide what you want to contribute below:

Food + own tent/camper van

Food + shared room

Simon, Corinna & Erick, who are organising this gathering, have added zero expenses. Due to the fact that they will already be at the venue and have travelled for the retreat, this makes it easier to do this. If, however, the community wants to Gift at the end in any way, as you all know, this is welcomed with open hearts.


We would love to have you with us!
Please fill out the application form and proceed to payment.

(Kindly note that the NAKEDeers gathering is for those who have already attended NAKED The Retreat.)


Do you feel the call?

If YES, please fill out the application form and proceed to payment.

(Kindly note that the NAKEDeers gathering is for those who have already attended NAKED The Retreat.)

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