Yes – we are all magical and magnificent. Yet we tend to forget our origin in love and grace. We forget about our hearts and get all caught up in the mind. Blissipline and personal practice gets us back to the place of radical, deep acceptance of all that is. It won’t change life, but it will magically change our reaction to it.

Once we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. The paradox of life.

Together with Magical Mars we designed an epic Ninja Rucksack to help you remember what we shared on NAKED, stay on track and lift yourself out of darkness, when it grabs you too hard. Music, meditations, books, excercises and sooooo much more are in there. On top of that we wanted to share the Workshop pdf. It is a document we have been gifting after our events on festivals, containing some small and bigger insights. Make the best of it all. All we have is now.



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