We believe that the secret of success in navigating through a deep transformational process is commitment. This applies to a relationship, a co-created project, a healing session…and also to a retreat such as this one. It is not so much about committing to an authority figure: it is about committing to the Highest Truth, the truth within you, your sovereign self. It is about committing to the process. It is about committing to the goal of your transformation: your Higher Self/ Spirit/ Unconditional Love, so that when the challenging moments come, you have the dedication and faith to move through them. Commitment also means not blaming some external circumstance or person when you are moving through such a time. Taking responsibility. In a group process it is also important to commit to being part of a group elemental and accepting your part in the constellation. We are not a group of individuals learning independently side by side, but a collective. We all affect one another, and we can choose to support each other if we become conscious of this. Please read through the following guidelines very carefully. This work is deep work and if you do not feel ready for it, we prefer that you choose not to join the group at this time.  Trainings are a huge step up from workshops. If you cannot hold space for yourself, know your own boundaries and commit to move through process, then it is advisable to do a few more workshops first. If you are uncertain what any of these commitments are about, please arrange a skype call with one of our core team. We are happy to chat things over with you.


Personal Growth and Love. This includes to be in service to the group process, including honouring my own needs. Personal Practice. I choose a path of conscious evolution and I use my spiritual practice to support this. I am committed to the path of evolution through spiritual practice. Direct Communication. I use clear and honest communication with open listening, heart-felt responses, loving acceptance and straightforwardness. I talk to people rather than about them. In public and in private I do not malign or demean others. I may seek helpful advice, but do not seek to collude. Cooperation. I clearly communicate my decisions to others who may be affected by them, and consider their views respectfully. I recognise that others may make decisions which affect me, and I respect the care and integrity they have put into their decision-making process. Group Commitment. I recognise that I am part of a group, and my actions and communication reflect that. I honour each individual role in this constellation and act accordingly. I understand that any decision or action I make can affect the whole group. Self Empowerment. I take responsibility for my own journey of empowerment and transformation. If I wish to ask for support in my empowerment process or healing, I do so: asking the teachers or assistants clearly for what I would like support with. I also remember to ask Spirit to support my empowerment and transformation. Making Boundaries. I take responsibility for knowing my own needs and boundaries at any time. I am able to express my needs and boundaries whenever appropriate, and I agree to do so. I will choose if any activity is not appropriate for me to join in, and find a way to sit out without disrupting the group process. Confidentiality. I understand that some of the content of such a training can be very sensitive, and I agree to hold full confidentiality on anything that happens during the group or shared within the group. Asking for help. I acknowledge my own humanity and limitations, and thus if I find I am struggling in any way, I ask immediately for help. Reflection. I recognise that anything I see outside myself – any criticisms, irritations or appreciations – may also be reflections of what is inside me, and I commit to looking at these before addressing others. Integrity. I embody congruence of thought, word and action. I take responsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of my activities. Commitment. Above all, I am committed to love in its highest form and it is this commitment that carries me through any challenges. I use my spiritual practice to continually reassert this commitment to the universe and to tune in to the highest vibration available to me.

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