Join The ReLOVEution; Official Patreon Launch


Everybody is jumping with Joy at the news that we are officially launching our Patreon Page throughout March 2018; So much so, they have all stripped completely NAKED and painted their bodies in celebration… Now thats what were talking about.

“So will you become a Patreon and Join The ReLOVEution?”
“Lets raise $6000 to begin with”
“What is the ReLOVEution we hear you cry?”
“You mean you don’t already know?”

Ok let me explain in a nutshell; The world is moving through a huge transition where truth is sweeping across the planet like never before, but of course that means the lies that have held on for so long are dying hard. You could say its like Star Wars out there….and I’m feeling like Chewbacca. Pain Bodies (like Jabba the Hutt) are running riots and have almost taken over the world on all levels…

Thats until the Joy Bodies (thats you and I in our NAKED sovereign true essence) get our arses and priorities into gear and Join this global ReLOVEution…YES of course its been emerging for decades in its own unique way. NOW more than ever before LOVE is rising like a beautiful wholesome loaf of bread or a Phoenix rising in the flames…. I prefer the latter!!

You see when we make a conscious decision to live from the foundation of love not fear, then we are taking an active stand to the lies and BS (belief Systems) that have controlled and dominated our species for way too long.

Way back in 2011 I made a conscious decision to serve the cure not cause of humanities extinction…BIG statement I hear you say! But seriously what does it mean to master the self? what does it means to live a thriving life of love and truth? First and foremost it means diving within and uncovering all the false thoughts, feelings, beLIEfs and behaviours that have been driving our lives from a foundation of fear, lack, scarcity, separation and all other survival emotions.

The mission of the ReLOVEution is to rewire ourselves back into coherence, back into the wholeness of our natural states of being; which are inner peace, joy, exuberance, love & ALIVEness. Resurrecting ourselves out of FEAR and into LOVE.

Working with the Teachers at Hogar Del Nino School; Dominican Republic 2016. Sharing Tools for Personal Transformation. Out of Fear and into LOVE.

How do we serve the ReLOVEution?
One way is Get your NAKED butts over to our Patreon Page to find out. Click Here to become and Patreon and be a part of The ReLOVEution and together we can support even more people to transmute themselves from Survival into Creation, from Fear to Love, From Pain into Joy.

Then lets see what is truly possible as more and more awakened beings get HIGH ON TRUTH and LIGHT UP THE WORLD.

Please watch the cool video we created for our Patreon Page and then head over and join The ReLOVEution…

If this inspires you as much as us, then please SHARE with friends, families and communities.

At its heart, Patreon is a form of crowdfunding, which is funding that relies on people like you and me to donate small amounts of money rather than just one or two funders donating a huge amount of money. But while crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus on funding a single project, Patreon’s goal is to fund the persons behind the project.

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